Update from Sunday, May 4, Race 8

On Sunday, May 4 just after the 8th race post parade, drivers Brady Jenson and Nick Roland were involved in an incident on the track. Both horses and drivers were able to walk away on their own. Race 8 was canceled due to the delay impacting Lasix for several horses. 

Nick was cleared to race and finished out the night in races 9 and 10. Brady was taken to the hospital for evaluation and was released with the suggestion to find another career, to which he just laughed.

Steph O’Connell, Brady’s girlfriend, shared that Brady is now resting at home and “the scans looked clear for any fractures and no serious impending brain issues at the moment.” 

Due to the cancellation of the 8th race, the connections of each horse programmed in the race will receive an $800 stipend out of the purse account.

Our prayers are with Brady and his friends and family and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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