A Day in the Life of a Racehorse

(Times and details vary depending on stable.)

6 to 7 am– My caretaker shows up and dumps grain into my bucket. I eat RaceReady made by Purina. I
get 3 to 4 lbs for breakfast. It has oats, multiple kinds of pellets, and yummy molasses. I love breakfast! I
paw at the gate and throw my head in hopes the nice lady feeding will feed me first. It usually doesn’t
work, but I try every morning anyway.

7 to 8 am– The nice caretaker lady dumps my two water buckets and refills them with fresh water. She
scrubs them when they get super icky. I usually drink a bunch of fresh water while she’s filling my bucket
up, it tastes so much better directly from the hose. Sometimes I’m naughty and bite the hose and get
water everywhere.

8 am to 12 pm– More humans arrive. They start cleaning stalls. I get pulled out early today. Some days I
get a nap in before I go out to jog. Today isn’t that day. Bogus. I get put in the cross ties, which are made
of chain. The cross ties clip on either side of my halter. I stand patiently while they put my harness on.
It’s not my race harness, which has more equipment. I will wear my race harness on days I train. I like
training days; I like to go fast. Plus, I usually get the day after off.

My trainer hooks up the jog cart, that’s the bigger heavier cart. The race bike is light and easy to pull. I
hear the two clicks of the cart snapping into place on either side. It’s almost time to go outside and jog!
We walk out of the barn and head towards the track. We make our way to the track. Once I am on the
track I get to pick up speed.

We jog around the track for about 5 miles. My trainer talks to other trainers, I can’t really hear what
they’re saying because I’m wearing a hood that muffles the sounds and keeps me calmer. After 5 miles
we head back to the barn. My caretaker takes my harness and bridle off. I get a shower; she makes sure
to get all the limestone and sweat off. It’s a cool day, so I get a blanket before going back into my stall.
The blanket keeps me warm and helps me dry faster. I get to roll in my now clean stall and take a big
drink of water. I start munching on hay. While the trainer jogs the rest of my friends in the barn.

Lunch is fed about 12 pm. It’s more scrumptious RaceReady. I also get hay cubes which are soaked in
water making a yummy green mush.

1 to 5 pm– The barns get quieter after 1 pm. Caretaker lady “puts me away”. Which means she rubs
different products on my legs and packs my feet with this clay stuff. Each of us in the barn is “put away”
differently depending on what we need.

Sometimes I get my toes done and get new shoes. About every 4 to 5 weeks, I get to visit the farrier.
Sometimes I get to go to the farm and eat grass. Occasionally I get a massage or chiropractor
adjustment. Every so often I see the vet, she works very hard at keeping me happy and healthy.
Most days I nap some more. Racing is hard work.

6 to 7 pm– DINNER!! Yay! More food. I get another 3 to 4 lbs of RaceReady and more hay. They refill my
water buckets. Sometimes I get cookies if I’m being extra cute. At least that’s what I heard the trainer

7 pm to 6 am– The barn is really quiet, some people on the other side of the barn feed later than my
trainer, but other than that it’s pretty quiet in the barns. The lights go out about 11 pm and we all sleep.
Ready for the next day. And more food!

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