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Through a collaboration with the Minnesota Racing Commission and the North Metro Racehorse & Community Foundation, This Old Horse, Inc. creates retraining, rehoming and retirement opportunities for Minnesota’s off track harness racehorses.

The harness racing culture is different than that of Thoroughbred racing. Retired harness horses have longer careers, have fewer chronic lameness issues and are temperamentally suited to a wider variety of disciplines in second careers. Many retiring harness horses are highly desired and hold their value in the sale market for use as carthorses and other disciplines.

But not all of them. And that’s where this program supports and serves the retired Standardbred that is not particularly suited to a second working career or whose owner desires a less strenuous life or retirement outcome for their horse after their racing days are over.

Our Unharnessed! program develops, expands and improves retirement options and alternatives for Minnesota’s off-track Standardbreds

Our program establishes a place for Standardbreds to retire off the track while they wait to see what their future holds. This dedicated space where potential sponsors and new owners can see and interact with the horses and participate in owner education programs on site will market and promote the breed as well as facilitate placements into a ‘happy ever after’ outcome for them.

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